12 Marketing Ideas for Attorneys to Grow their Client Base.

Marketing for attorneys to increase their business through the proper use of graphic design, marketing, and advertising.  Twelve easy tips can make your job as an attorney a little easier by hiring the right graphic design company to do your marketing. Attorneys need to do marketing just like any other business.

You may be successful and great at what you do, but you don’t need to spend all of your hard earned money on marketing to get your client roster full. You do need to focus on good business development – write and follow a marketing plan that strategically guides you to things you do well and get in front of your ideal clients.

Marketing does take time, but anything worth doing right takes time. Here are some simple marketing ideas you can use to grow your client roster.

Keep in the public eye – People are busy, just like you are. If you can simply have a presence in your hometown or local county, you will be the firm they call when the need arises. Everyone needs an attorney at some point in their life.

Join local networking groups. Visit with your local Chamber of commerce or associations. You can even volunteer to be a greeter at luncheons or after work functions they may have. This is an easy way to help your group and introduce yourself to the members attending. And, while you are doing it, gather the attendees business cards.Successful Marketing for attorneys and law firms takes time just like all good things.

Develop your Marketing Plan – Develop a plan that lets you do things you enjoy. If you’re outgoing, do some volunteer work with a group that will compliment your firms’ strengths. If you like to write, get that blog going for your website or start an e-newsletter for your firm. Try to write something every day, spend at least 30 minutes per day on fresh content to reach your ideal clients.

Referrals – You can’t do everything, so focus on your strengths and refer clients to your attorney friends who may practice that particular type of law that you may not. And they can reciprocate and send you clients that they may find to be a better fit for you. When you do send them a referral, let them know that you are the one that did.

Get Social – If you are a tweeter, sending posts after lunch will get you the most clicks. Or we can create a program for you to send pertinent tweets at scheduled times so you can keep working, preparing for cases, defending clients and reading case laws.

Social Media Marketing for Lawyers and Attorneys.

Go with Google – Installing Google Analytics on your website will help you focus on who is getting to your website and keep you informed on your site’s ranking and clicks. Then make sure you follow up with visitors to your website.

Grouping – Join organizations and groups in your town that may not have many lawyers as members. Try the Elks, Lions or a local trade association in your town. Start with the local Chamber of Commerce. Eatontown has Elks, Lions and the Eatontown Industrial Park Association to name a few.

Be my guest – If you are attending a business function,  ask for a copy of the guest list and try to speak to and sit with the people you’d like to meet.

Going Up ?– Write up and practice your elevator pitch. Something short and sweet that people can remember. “Hi, I’m a trial lawyer defending small business people, trying to let them keep their hard-earned money. What about you?” Or “Hi, I’m Peter, I keep people out of jail. What do you do for a living?”

Seriously – Be humble & don’t brag about yourself. Nobody will hire you if they don’t like you. Describe the types of law you practice, but be careful not to be pompous. And please be serious.

Marketing for Attorneys in New Jersey

Stand Up – Your reputation may precede you. Being a stand-up person can be your most effective marketing tool. Building your career and reputation takes time and dedication, but one bad decision or incident can send it down the drain and you’ll have a harder time getting back to where you were.  As Ben Franklin said, “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.”

Follow the Law – Really, if you want to be successful, hire Regan Graphic Design to do your marketing work. You can do the legal work you are good at that makes you money and we can do the marketing and design work that we are better at. Call Mark at 732.539.0865 and set up an appointment.

12 Marketing Ideas for Attorneys to Grow their Client Base with Regan Graphic Design.

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