Maintaining your website can be easy for us. We do it all the time. Would you rather spend time maintaining your site or working on your business?

Let the experienced pros at Regan Graphic Design take this chore away from you and let you get to do what you do best… working on your business.

Fix Bugs

Updating your WordPress core, plugins, and themes often fix issues that were found in previous versions. Make your site better, update it!

Add Features and Functionality

Updating your WordPress security, core, installed and inactive plugins and themes can assist your website by adding new and improved functionality and features. Why not take advantage of the upgrades to make your site better, update it!

Leave WordPress Updates to the Experts at Regan Graphic Design

Updating your website may not be the most fun thing you want to do during your workday, but it’s a lot easier than trying to remove a virus from your hacked website. Installing updates and keeping your site maintained can be another task for you, or you can let us do the work. Give yourself a break and delegate the tedious maintenance issues to us. Let us update it for you!


Most websites will get hacked at some point in their operational lives. 

We build your website using the WordPress Open Source platform. We do build in custom features to make your site unique and to set you apart from your competition and other WordPress users. But WordPress sites get targeted by the hackers out there because it’s the most popular system for websites out in the market. It’s a big target.

Cyber criminals look for any outdated plugins, themes and core files to enter your domains through blunt force commands or with cyber bots.

 The security of your website depends on numerous factors including proper setup, regular maintenance and vigilant surveillance to look out for malware, unwanted posts, files and comments with suspicious content like sales for sunglasses or clothing.

We install various security plugins on our sites, but if they aren’t monitored and updated, they won’t help. An ounce of prevention will help you sleep at night.

Plus in the long run, you’ll save hundreds if not thousands with our Maintenance plan. It will cost time and money to get your site back up and running if plans aren’t in place and you get hacked.

Say if your site gets hacked and you haven’t performed a backup or bought our maintenance package. How much business will you lose?  What will your clients and prospects think if some cyber terrorist takes over your site?

 Please let us monitor your website to lower the risk of hackers and keep an eye on your best marketing tool. Contact us and let’s keep your site safe!


SOS. Save Often Silly. Backups are a great piece of mind to have. Insurance for “just in case”.

Websites can be broken in various ways. They can be harmed through simple human error, hosting problems or by a hacking breach. A scheduled backup is your insurance policy to recover your assets and get you back in action.

We backup locally, to an external source off site or in the cloud if necessary. We highly recommend that you keep an offsite backup in addition to the backups we provide for you. We can send you a backup to your email too.

What would you do if you lost a day or weeks worth of work on your website?

What is your peace of mind worth, knowing your site is protected and you have a backup in multiple areas. Think about our RGD Maintenance plan.

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