Need to display a message and attract new clients from your website?


Say “Hello” to Hello Bar!


A Hello Bar or Notification Bar can help improve the conversion rates of your website if used correctly.


Present your clear message with a CTA (Call To Action) for your visitor to give you their email address.


Once you have their email, your marketing life just got easier.


Your Hello Bar can also share news or announcements. But they’re most effective at Driving Traffic to one of your Landing Pages. By setting up a specific Page just to reach your ideal client, you can increase your lead generation and your sales, depending on what your CTA is.


You can promote one of your favorite services, your latest e-book, offer a discount, advertise a FREE offer or a 30-day trial service. Adding a CTA button that links to your landing page can complete the action you are guiding your visitor to.


Depending on your goal, your Hello Bar can encourage your visitors to sign up for your e-newsletter where they will be able to get timely advice or to download your Lead Magnet that will give them valuable information they can use and contact you for more of your services.


Need help setting up a Hello Bar? Call Mark at 732.539.0865 or email him Or visit www.ReganGraphicDesign and click on our Hello Bar and check it out for yourself.

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