Attention Bosses!

Today is Administrative Professional’s Day!

This day was actually created in 1952 by an advertising professional, not Hallmark.

A man named Harry Klemfuss was an employee of a large, successful advertising agency, Young and Rubicam. Mr. Klemfuss knew the importance of an good Administrative Assistant (Secretary back in the day) and wanted to encourage more people to become secretaries or assistants.

Being a public relations professional, Mr. Klemfuss used his skills to promote the values of having a good assistant, and how important a good assistant can be to a business or company. 

Looking for ways of recognizing your Administrative Professional(s) today?

Here are some ideas:

Remember to appreciate your assistant’s assistance today and every day!

For your future calendar appointments, ask your assistant to mark these future dates:

Administrative Professional’s Day: April 22, 2020; April 21, 2021; April 27, 2022; April 26, 2023

Have a great day!

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